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Exhaust Flange and Retainer Kit black

Exhaust Flange and Retainer Kit black

Artikel nummer: 992001
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Steel. Complete kit in black wrinkle finish with everything you need. Includes 2 flanges (84-03 style/17-22 style) and 2 retainers. Note: 84-03/17-22 'Early Style' steel and 04-17 'Late Style' plain aluminum exhaust flanges are interchangeable. Late Style flanges are thicker and designed to help prevent bending of the exhaust flange. All will fit all 84-up Big Twin and 86-up XL Sportster models. M8 models are equipped with the 'early style' steel flanges again.

Fits: > 84-22 B.T.; 86-22 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 87-10(NU)Buell XB

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