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Wheel Bearing 08-12 25mm

Wheel Bearing 08-12 25mm

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Non-ABS bearing for 2 wheels; On ABS models on opposite side of sensor; 25mm I.D. x 52mm OD x 15mm wide; Replacement for OEM 9276A. Note: These All Balls Racing bearings are high quality high speed wheel bearings. Manufactured to ABEC 3 precision levels. Bearings are lubricated with a Chevron fabricated high performance, high temperature grease of SRI 2 level that contains anti-rust and anti-oxidation additives. Compatible with temperatures of -20°C to +150°C and rotational speeds in excess of 10.000 RPM. Triple lip seals are used to help prevent water and debris entering the bearing.

Fits: > 07-21 various models; 2021 Sportster S; 08-17 all V-Rod


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