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355cc can. DOT 5 does not absorb water and has a boiling point of 260C°. Safe for plastics and painted surfaces. Exceeds DOT 5 and FMVSS 116 specifications. Not compatible with anti-lock brakes due to quicker foaming of DOT5. Note: Do not mix with DOT 3 & 4 brake fluids. Note: Not compatible with ABS brakes or ASR (anti-slip) systems. Tech tip: Something about DOT 5 silicone. If you want to use DOT 5 may be easier to decide with some added knowledge about this type of brake fluid. DOT 5 silicone is non-aggressive for painted surfaces, plastics and has anti-corrosive characteristics, is non-hygroscopic and will therefore not absorb water. Great characteristics for vehicles that are not used much. However, when water accumulates in the brake system over time, and it is not absorbed by the brake fluid, in theory it could create pockets of water which could boil in extreme circumstances. This could result in vapor lock and total brake failure. Since DOT 5 silicone does not absorb water the accumulated water may not fully be removed from the brake system when the brake fluid is changed. DOT 5 silicone may never be mixed with DOT 3 or 4 brake fluids. It is also not compatible with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) or ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) since it will foam easier. Note that The Factory has used DOT 5 up to around 2006, about the time when ABS was introduced...

Fits: > Up to 2005 Softail, Dyna, V-Rod, up to 2004 FLT/Touring, up to 2006 XL

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