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Artikel nummer: 902538
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The module is simply adjustable with switches, nothing else required. features include an intelligent overvoltage/overcurrent protection, a short circuit protection and an adjustable retard timing. But if you want more... it is fully programmable with the, optional available, programming kit (902528) and harness (902524). Another new feature is data recording. The module records a series of data and stores it. The recorded data can be downloded with a PC to show engine builders how the engine was used (or abused), should there be a problem in the future. Offers PC programmable: * Eight point definable wide open throttle curve. * Eight point fully definable partial throttle curve. * Rev. limiter in 50 RPM steps. * Programmable dead cranking revs 0-10. * Programmable rear cylinder offset of +/- 10 degrees. Offers data recording: * Total engines hours run time. * Time at wide open throttle. * Longest time operating at wide open throttle. * Number of engine starts (2 minutes running counts as one). * Maximum RPM. * Seconds near rev limit. * Statistical analysis of time at RPM. Note: It is recommended to use ignition modules & coils of the same manufacturer. Intermixing different brands may cause premature failure. Coil must be within range of 2.5 to 3.5 ohms. Carbon, graphite or spiral core type suppression spark plug wires are required. Do not use copper core wires. Note: Dyna does not offer the ignition rotor. The OEM Harley rotor (OEM 32402-83) and mounting bolt (OEM 2611B) should be re-used or ordered separately as 920402 rotor & bolt kit. Note: Optional PC programming kit is available as 902528 (Incl. software, USB connections and operating instructions). The programming harness 902524 (Programming harness, Pigtail. Installs on bike, it is the link between ignition and the USB) is required to programm the 2000i ignition module.

Fits: > 70-99 Big Twin models (excl. Twin Cam) and 71-03 Sportster

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