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RSD Air Cleaner Split 93-13

RSD Air Cleaner Split 93-13

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Black anodized with a Contrast Cut machined finish. The smallest RSD air cleaner to maximize leg room. Even with the fitted K&N filter element anything smaller would truly sacrifice airflow, which is not acceptable. So here you have it, the best possible combination between airflow and leg room in a designs that will bring out the best in any bike, from stock to the wildest custom. Note: See 589901 for the optional rain sock and 565225 for the stock replacement K&N air filter element.

Fits: > CV carb: 93-06 all B.T.; Delphi inj.: 01-15 Softail; 04-17 Dyna (excl. 2017 FXDLS); 02-07 FLT/Touring

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