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Chrome. Switchblade Footpegs are sleek, versatile, and supremely comfortable. In their standard compact mode, they are a large-surface-area, rubber-isolated footpeg. Deploy the concealed heel rest and now you have the added fatigue-fighting comfort of the famous Kuryakyn ISO-Stirrups. Although this setup will work in any peg location, these are the ideal footpegs for bikes using forward controls or as forward-mounted cruise pegs.

Fits: > All H-D male mount (Excl. rider/passenger on: 18-21 Softails; 20-21 Livewire. Excl. rider location on: 15-20 XG; 10-21 XL1200X/XS; 11-20 XL1200C; 12-16 XL1200V)

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