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Artikel nummer: 508732
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12V. Dual fire. With a bullet proof, fully adjustable automotive mechanical advance unit with 14 different advance curve settings. This is a drop-in unit for 36-69 OHV Big Twin models that run 12 volt. With stock heads, no head removal is necessary for installation. Comes with a Accel 'Unilite®' electronic ignition module. Complete with instructions and wiring harness. Note: To be used with carbon core spark plug wires. Do not use copper core. Note: To be used with coil(s) with a total primary resistance of around 3-4 Ohm for dual fire for street use, 4-5 Ohm may be used but can reduce performance. For race use 2-3 is recommended. Note: Requires a OEM 66-69 style distributor hold-down clamp or order separately as 525166. Note: All 6 volt models will require a comversion to a 12 volt electrical system. Note: See 508739 for the replacement Unilite® module only.

Fits: > 36-69 B.T. (excl. Flatheads) with 12V electrical system 

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