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S&S Conn.Rod Set Heavy Duty 1941-1981

S&S Conn.Rod Set Heavy Duty 1941-1981

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Heavy Duty S&S connecting rod assemblies have a stronger than stock construction. Manufactured from drop forged 4140 chrome moly steel. Designed to be used as heavy duty replacements for stock or modified engines. Complete with crankpin, crankpin nuts, woodruff key, cages and rollers. Ready to install. Note: With wristpin bushing installed, reamed to OEM .791" diameter. Note: S&S rods are clearanced for strokes up to and including 5". The connecting rod assemblies come complete with crankpin, nuts and with a 17 roller alloy type cage crankpin bearing set. All S&S connecting rods are a somewhat heavier than stock due to a beefier construction. Flywheel rebalancing is recommended. Rebalancing may be extra work, but S&S decided not to sacrifice rod strength for convenience's sake. All rod lengths are same as stock (7.440" center to center for Big Twin models).

Fits: > 41-E81 Shovelhead 

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