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Tappet Roller Bearing

Tappet Roller Bearing

Artikel nummer: 18534-29
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Complete reproduction tappet rollers with needle bearings and axles. Repl. 18534-29A. Tech tip: Tappet rollers / Cam follower rollers can fail, without warning, and spill needles of the bearing into the engine. This may result in severe engine damage to breather valve, cam, pinion gear, oil pump drive gears, oil pump, tappet blocks, crankcase etc. To avoid this install new tappet assemblies or a tappet roller repair kit on a 'regular' base, like each 60.000km or so, or with each overhaul. The cost of new set of rollers can be minor when compared to the total cost of just one failing tappet roller spilling its needle bearings into your engine.

Fits: > 29-85 all H-D models (excl. Evo) 


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